Are you aware of Premiums, Landlord & Tenant Act and F.R.I. leases? Let us take the lead in your search for new space...

Is your budget for sourcing space in the desired location realistic?

Are you sure you have negotiated the best options with the landlord, for example, a rent-free period to aide initial cash flow.

Having a compelling business story is important, to ensure your business is attractive to Landlords?

Working with us, we'll understand and determine your business requirements. Let's focus on supporting you to completion, and delivering the desired result to get you trading.

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"Such a good company, helped me in every single step to get my new shop and get my first business started. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone."

Luciano Mosca – Pomodoretto in Battersea


Property investment, Commercial vs Residential. Which is better suited to support your financial plans and expectations?

Money to invest, but you’re not convinced about commercial freeholds or mixed-use properties, such as commercial ground floor & residential upper, as suitable investments.

Is commercial property preferable to pure residential? What can you expect? What responsibilities does a freeholder incur? Is it better to purchase with a tenant in situ or vacant possession? Are you looking to invest for SIPP purposes?

A partnership with the right agent will position you for opportunities you’d be unlikely to uncover independently.

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Is your commercial investment vacant? What action should you take next...

Ever changing online buying habits. Office spaces becoming more transient, as technology advances at a racing pace. Defining the right fit for your future financial planning is key.

Have you looked at alternative use classes? Ensure your asset sweats harder, for your long term benefit.

Maybe you’re disposing of the lease. Have the options to assign or sub-let been managed efficiently?

Start the conversation with us. Let’s ascertain the best option to maximise your income, for now and looking ahead...

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"Highly recommend. A pleasure to work with. Thank you Randell Commercial!"

Kirsten White – London Grace Ltd, Clapham


Is there a change in your circumstances? Retain your freehold for future income or dispose of it...

Is there a right time to release a commercial property asset, and what are your disposal options?

Whether relocating, downsizing, potential liquidation, retiring or change of circumstance.
Talk to us. Let us help you during this process and determine the correct result for your future.

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"We used Randell for the sale of our shop unit. We found the service to be consistently professional, responsive and Ashley worked diligently to keep the process on track. A first-rate service we are pleased to recommend."

Althia Brown – Freehold Sale in Crystal Palace